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Tactical No Pull Dog Harness

Tactical No Pull Dog Harness

Tactical No Pull Dog Harness

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Tired to walk with a dog that is constantly pulling, tugging, and choking itself?

Did you know that standard dog walking collars can really harm an animal's neck and vocal box when they’re pulling and choking? Traditional dog collars can permanently harm your dog's throat in different ways, causing strangulation, trachea collapse, skin problems, and a general discomfort for your dog. Not to mention how much is stressful for YOU to walk around with a dog that constantly pulls you in different directions! 

This is not what we imagine when we decide to go for a walk with our loyal pet friends, but how can we make our dog walks enjoyable for us and safe for them?

With the Tactical Harness the pressure is spread across the chest of your dog, protecting their throats and preventing your dog from pulling or tugging himself.

Customers all around the globe recommend the Tactical Harness

  • Prevents permanent damage to the throat area of your dog.
  • Make dog walks finally enjoyable, preventing your dog from pulling, tugging, and choking themselves.
  • Perfect for any activity, such as vet visits, jogging, training or causal walking.
  • Made of High Quality 1000D Nylon, durable and easy to use.


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  • 2 Leash attachment points
  • 5 fully adjustable straps allowing a snug fit with maximum mobilitly
  • 4 Quick Release Buckles
  • Heavy duty durable stretching
  • Sturdy Nylon webbing
  • 8 Pressure release points for safer dog walks

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The Package Includes:

  • 1* Tactical No Pull Dog Harness - Made of 1000D Nylon

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